Ed-tech startup Bymedi aims to democratize medical education for 1.8 million medical aspirants over next decade

We aim to democratise medical education access for 1.5 million global citizens over the next decade.” BY DOCTORS FOR DOCTORS”.BYMEDI platform Bymedi, founded in 2023 by MEDICAL STUDENTS Dr.Balram reddy, Dr Jamal, Dr sumit raj, Dr Adarsh Balaji, and Dr.jack robin, has become a one-stop platform for Indian students aspiring to study medical studies, founder Balram reddy tells You about what makes BYMEDI a go-to platform for students and about their mission to expand the global footprint. Could you define BYMEDI and tell us more about how it was founded? If I had to define it, I’d say BYMEDI is a one-stop platform offering comprehensive products & services in medicine in India and overseas education. It is an ed-tech startup that began to empower students to study medical courses abroad. It has become the go-to platform for students pursuing medical education and careers. It is gratifying to note that today BYMEDI has pioneered the ‘platform way’ of end-to-end services and has a thriving community. Headquartered offices in Bengaluru and Mumbai, India, BYMEDI is one of the fastest-growing startups today in medical education. Get connected to BYMEDI Founded in 2023, BYMEDI has taken the market by storm through its community-led approach and innovative offerings that suit the needs of every NEET aspirant. What drove the vision and mission of BYMEDI when it was founded? When we first conceived of LeapScholar, the idea was to build a student-centric and customer-obsessed company that can enable ambitious students to access quality medical education and careers. The Indian middle classes are more aspirational than ever; there is an increasing wave of families wanting their children to gain global exposure. But we noticed a gap in the medical education market at the preparatory stage – from test prep to selecting the medical college destination, university, visa, and jobs. Earlier, aspirants had to visit different service providers for each step. We aimed to create a single platform to provide all these services under one roof. Get connected to BYMEDI So our mission is very simple, really – to empower students across the spectrum by making quality medical education accessible for all. we have built a customer-focused online platform that offers end-to-end services for students pursuing international medical education and careers. The study abroad journey can be challenging and requires several months of hard work and dedication from aspirants. Our platform hand-holds them through all the stages and processes. Our financial arm BYMEDIfinance provides collateral-free student loans at much lower rates than traditional alternatives. What distinguishes BYMEDI as a go-to platform for Indian students aspiring to medical courses in India and abroad? The USP of BYMEDI, I would say, is its very mission – to make global medical education accessible for Indian students across the spectrum. With its affordable counselling service, financing options, and zero compromises on quality, BYMEDI seeks to revolutionise MEDICAL foreign education. The platform has live sessions with doctors and offers access to comprehensive COUNSELLING programs and scholarships. Being integrated with colleges, universities, their scholarships, courses, and programs, all on a single platform, helps students find the most suited option easily and make decisions based on counselling and community advice, thus ensuring complete access to all the right information. Could you take us through some of the key offerings of BYMEDI? One of the most critical offerings of the MEDI” S product suite is its experts, which has helped almost thousands of students. Counselling service for college admissions is also among BYMEDI’s key offerings.It helps students make informed choices regarding their medical education, including shortlisting colleges, preparing visa applications, etc. The company’s financial arm, BYMEDIFinance, provides collateral-free education loans to aspirants based on merit. Up to 100% financing of education loans is available through BYMEDI, with the interest rates being much lower than traditional rates in India. Besides, it also offers students an abroad bank account with a credit card. its host of mentors, BYMEDI, will also help students land suitable jobs in their destination country. What have been some of the key milestones in BYMEDI’s journey? When I look back, the journey has been incredible so far. BYMEDI is on the list of 100 most promising ed-tech startups in India and South Asia in 2023. And I’m happy that BYMEDI was recently awarded the Edtech startup of 2023. More importantly, the response from the community of Indian students aspiring to study abroad has been overwhelming.So what next for BYMEDI? Any plans to take your offerings globally? With a community-driven approach and innovation, we aim to democratise access to overseas MEDICAL education for 1 million global citizens over the next decade. We are at an exciting phase today. To take our platform to the world stage. As we strengthen our regional offerings, we plan to expand to South East Asia, South Asia, and North Africa. 2022 will see new highs in medical courses abroad, and we are excited about what’s ahead as we scale up globally. 

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